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October 2015
On a recent return trip to Spain, one client lamented the fact that there is no one in their area who does the back scrub and massage that I used to do and so I thought I would make that my October SPECIAL offer.  Why??? At this time of year those who were lucky enough to get some sun on their body will be watching it wash away slowly and as someone said to me recently "it doesn't glow anymore".  Of course it doesn't!  Its dead skin - it can't glow.  BUT if you scrub (using an exfoliant not a scrubbing brush!!) you remove the dead cells that sit on the surface and expose the newer, fresher cells underneath.  These cells are still tanned and still living.  The result if smoother, softer and more vibrant flesh.  Its not just necessary to do this to rid the body of dead tanned cells either - cells die and dull the skin tanned or not!  Now its easy to exfoliate on your arms and legs and you should but reaching your back is just that bit harder, if not impossible so this is where I can help.  The treatment consists of 

October 2015 Special Offer

Back scrub followed by relaxing massage and finished with re-hydrating moisturizer - 45 minutes
This treatment would normally be £25 but for October ONLY it will be £20.00 so book now!!!


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