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Last year my search for a UK based brand of skincare products was finally rewarded when I attended a Temple Spa class at a friend's house and really fell in love.  There is no other way to put it.

The products are very natural and "clean" no use of chemicals and of course not tested on animals.  Their range is extensive but easy to follow.

I use all the skincare products in my Salon which means that when I do a consultation before a facial I can choose products for a wide array of skin-types.

Temple Spa also have body and hair products as well as candles and room sprays! 

If you feel you might like to hold a class at your house then please have a look at this little video.

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Temple Spa Imagine experiencing a spa environment in your home. The fragrances, the textures, the music. Add in six of your best of friends so that together you'll discover just what your skin love...

If you would like a look at the products on the website go to: - everyone who orders  from my website will receive a little "thank you" gift from me!

March Special Offer from Temple Spa - Buy one eye gel/cream and get one free! 


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